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Habib Afsar

Habib Afsar is a Pakistani-Swiss artist and social animator‚ with an international background in health and development. Habib alongside PHC Global started CFAW initiative. His artist vision and mission is “to create safe spaces where beauty is celebrated”- and beauty is not always beautiful! His vision is followed by more creatives after him at the Centre for Art Based Methodologies & Wellbeing.  

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Rutaba Syed

Rutaba Syed is an architect, researcher and a multimedia artist with a background in architecture, community interventions and public art. She is also a trained wellbeing coach by Her practice focuses on using creative and innovative approaches alongside cultural interventions for organizational development, public engagement and community-building. She is passionate about creating platforms for young emerging artists and instilling art as language for city image. She is currently the curator at Centre for Art Based Methodologies & Wellbeing. Rutaba also is an occasional poet and a nature fanatic.


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Bhawna Lohana

Bhawna Lohana is an illustrator, multi-disciplinary artist, designer and researcher with a major in Communication and Design and a minor in Social Development and Policy from Habib University. Her practice is a work-in-progress and is strongly tied to the themes of identity, personal expression and experiences. She lives for making and experiencing art with people. Her practice is very particular, one can easily tell a bhawna artwork from a mile away. She's quirky and joyful with a passion for music, film and everything Studio Ghibli. You give her a story or a feeling and she'll turn it into art.

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Zaina Noman

Zaina Noman is a photographer, filmmaker and a multimedia artist. Her practice is a rooted in exploring something new in the ordinary, whether it is through a new angle or simply being lost in whatever she involves herself in. She is intrigued by all things cinema especially Asian cinema. She also always has interesting food stories and recipes to share.

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Maria Iqbal

Maria Iqbal is a public mental health professional with 8 years of experience in developing community based mental health programs, with specific focus on school based mental health, community engagement, and development of workshops/curricula aimed at awareness raising or skills building as pertains to mental health. She is passionate about creating socially and emotionally healthy environments as a means of cultivating resilient youth. She is currently working as the lead wellbeing consultant at Centre for Art Based Methodologies & Wellbeing. Maria is also a movement meditation coach, her practice is called Dance Mandala.  ​ 


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Alishba Sohail

Alishba is a visual artist who holds a double-distinction, Fine Art degree from IVS. From mughal miniature paintings to new media art and beyond, she practices with multidisciplinary art forms to articulate her thoughts. Alishba's current practice aims to challenge traditional narratives and spark conversations about important social issues. She treats her work as a narrative of her daily life and of those around her, often incorporating elements of quirkiness, satire and dark humor. Her fun loving personality has a passion for storytelling, poetry and everything related to expressive art. ​


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Gulraiz Askari

Gulraiz Askari has a background computer science from Habib University and previous practice in IT recruitment, networking and videography. His interests include game design, videography, space management and stakeholder management. He is known as the king of sassy responses in CFAW and handles finances, and admin.

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