Habib Afsar


Habib Afsar is a Pakistani-Swiss artist and social animator‚ with an international background in health and development. His interests are therefore broad and cover areas like cultural exchange‚ public spaces and community art‚ peace building‚ community development and arts-based research. His work is resource oriented‚ i.e. it is geared towards facilitating people to identify and utilise their internal and external resources. Currently he runs the Center for Arts-based Methodologies which focus on the use of the artistic processes towards holistic wellbeing. His artist vision and mission is “to create safe spaces where beauty is celebrated”- and beauty is not always beautiful! 

Imran Nafees Siddiqui


Imran Nafees Siddiqui is a Development professional, trainer, and researcher with an education background in Social Sciences and communications, Imran's association with a variety of organizations and projects is based on the basic premise of Design Thinking, Research base project and organizational development through creative and innovative approaches. He is also a seasoned performance artist and photographer. He has pioneered initiative for development and empowerment through research, training, organization & project development, training programs, Implementation plans and strategy , books and creative ventures by virtue of which he has channelized the resources and the 'need to empowerment' of masses in under-developed areas of the country. 

Beenish Sarfaraz

Communication Lead

Beenish Sarfaraz is Communication Designer and an educator currently working as Communication Lead at the Centre for Arts-based Methodologies and Wellbeing. Her expertise include creative productions and community-building through cultural interventions and digital programming. Beenish is obsessed with mountains and fantasises singing love-songs to her cows in the mountains and never come back. 

Najam Hassan


Najam Hassan is a Mass Communication graduate with a major in film and production from NUST Islamabad. Najam’s expertise lies in documentary style storytelling. He is interested in social and cultural issues faced by youth in South Asian countries like Pakistan and particularly related to identity politics and power dynamics. Currently he works as a Videographer at the Centre for Arts-based Methodologies and Wellbeing and uses all his free-time playing with his new drone camera and capturing bird-eye views of whatever he is interested in on ground.