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CFAW's Artist of the Month
June'23 - Zainab Hassan.

Opening doors to emerging artists is an opening to the future of culture and conversation. The thrill and beauty of finding art, being able to provide agency and a home to these artists is always going to be the highlight of my career. There is so much beauty in the world that demands celebration so why not start now?

Centre for Art Based Methodologies & Wellbeing starts its “Artist of the Month” program June 2023. Our program is to curate and house as many emerging artists as possible and have them displayed for a month at Nani Ghar, CFAW. Everyone is invited to join and celebrate beauty with us.

This month, amongst our Zanan Khana digital art series we found our gem of an artist, Zainab Hassan. Zainab’s practice has the concept of warmth and relatability embedded in its multiple folds. The layers of archival memory and her personal experience speaks volumes. In my eyes I see more of myself as I take a step to curate Zainab’s work. I invite you all to come see her art, to give it a shot and find yourself in it just as I did.

Rutaba Syed.

Curator CFAW

Zainab Hassan

Zainab Hassan is a Fine Arts graduate from Karachi University. Her work has been displayed at various galleries and creative spaces in Pakistan including Chawkandi, VM Art Gallery, PNCA, Al Hamra, Tagheer and Sambara Art Gallery and T2F. She also has been working as a project lead for Our Shared Cultural Heritage (OSCH) Cultural Exchange between Manchester and Karachi.

Through her work, Zainab questions the expectations of perfection that women are forced to perform. Having been brought up in a big family, Zainab has been through motions of obedience, making tea, setting up the table, serving tea, and then cleaning up after, many, many times. She approaches the practice of serving chai as a woman in desi society in a sarcastic and humourous manner.

Her work depicts the societal feelings of suffocation, despair that comes with preparing, serving and hosting for family every day by using acrylics, used teabags, flowers, glitter, teacups, skeleton and octopus motifs in her work.

AOM June - Poster-01.png
AOM June Teabag - Poster-05.png

Zainab Hassan's work will be on display at Nani Ghar, CFAW from 9th June 2023 to 27th June 2023. You are all invited to the Exhibition Opening followed by a discussion and chai.

Zainab will also host an tea-making workshop at Nani Ghar on 17th June 2023. Please follow our Instagram page for further details and updates.

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