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CFAW's Artist of the Month

Centre for Arts Based Methodologies & Wellbeing started its 'Artist of the Month' program from June 2023. We're opening the doors to emerging artists and also to a future of culture and conversation around art. The thrill and beauty of finding art, being able to provide agency and a home to these artists is our only goal. There is so much beauty in this world that demands celebration so why not start now?

Selected artists' work will be displayed for a month at Nani Ghar, CFAW. We'd be offering the following:

  • Opening Exhibition

  • Space for workshopping and showcasing

  • 70:30 partnership on sales (70% to the Artist)

  • Printing facilities

  • Open house for your artwork for 3 weeks. 

  • Website and Social media features

  • Video Interview

Our program is to curate and house as many emerging artists as possible and have them displayed at Nani Ghar, CFAW. Everyone is invited to join and celebrate beauty with us.

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