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CFAW's Artist of the Month
July'23 - Marium Aslam.

Opening doors to emerging artists is an opening to the future of culture and conversation. The thrill and beauty of finding art, being able to provide agency and a home to these artists is always going to be the highlight of my career. There is so much beauty in the world that demands celebration so why not start now?

Centre for Art Based Methodologies & Wellbeing started its “Artist of the Month” program June 2023. Our program is to curate and house as many emerging artists as possible and have them displayed for a month at Nani Ghar, CFAW. Everyone is invited to join and celebrate beauty with us.

Mariam Aslam is a GEM indeed. Her work speaks of her so much that its like a view into the kaleidoscope of Mariam’s emotions. You can find conflict, acceptance, resilience and strength with her life’s story in different mediums. It takes great strength and curiosity to challenge oneself with a variety of mediums and explore art and emotional connection. Join me in celebrating Mariam Aslam this July at CFAW. Let’s celebrate art again.

Rutaba Syed.

Curator CFAW

AOM July - Opening Poster-01.png
AOM July - Heart 2 Art Poster-02.png

Marium Aslams's work will be on display at Nani Ghar, CFAW from 7th July 2023 to 25th July 2023. You are all invited to the Exhibition Opening to come and celebrate art with us.

Marium will also host a Heart 2 Art workshop at Nani Ghar on 14th July 2023. Please follow our Instagram page for further details and updates.

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