Mai-Karachi is set up as a community-based collaboration with local artists, cultural actors and students to explore and document the cultural spaces and dynamics of the city of Karachi. Swiss-Pakistani artist, Habib Afsar, along with a motivated team of artists and practitioners set out to explore the cultural scape of the mega-city of Karachi. This exploration will take the form of film, audio soundscapes, photo-montages, interviews, story-telling and other aesthetic outputs that will be digitised to create a web-based “Cultural Map of Karachi”. The map aims to be useful not only to Swiss but other national and international artists visiting and wanting to explore and work in the city. The ensuing dialogue with various stakeholders will also be invaluable in creating a space to bring cultural actors in community. The final product vis-a-vis the website is envisioned as a continuously growing digital archive of old and new artistic outputs related to the theme. Everyone interested is invited to join the ride.


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