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Why I Receive Much More Than I Give Is Why I Love My Job

by Dr Habib Afsar

So it is an angry day. In fact, it has been an angry week. I have been feeling ill for a few days now- feverish and all - and the city is wrecked with the rains. The sticky wet, the mould, the chaos on the streets.…nothing is working and now the interns are late also. I'm ranting about responsibility- how we must do what we must do- the show must go on- we must regulate ourselves blah blah blah… the session starts an hour late and I am in a vicious mood. Breath Habib- I get everyone to create three panels on a nice sheet of paper. In the first panel we“draw how we are feeling right now”. In the third panel, we draw how “we wish to feel”. In the middle panel, we draw the missing link; how to get from the first drawing to the third. A short writing exercise later, we read out what we have written. Ali Zain's text not only makes not everyone laugh but my anger simply disappears. I feel like a fool for having behaved the way I did, but somehow, in this space we have created for ourselves, it is ok. I'm soon back to love mode! Thank you, Zain!

My Ruined Half-Boiled Egg by Ali Zain

Early in the morning, I tried my best to wake up early. But dammit I’m so lazy. I made myself breakfast with a perfect chai but ruined my half-boiled egg. I was so angry about it, but it was okay to be angry. As I was getting late, I booked my Careem as soon as possible, but at the last moment they ditched me so had to go for another one. On my way, the traffic was killing me and I was again, angry, but remember, it's okay to be angry.

Finally, I reached CFAW almost two weeks ago and feel relaxed as I greet Harry and meet others. I felt happy and it was a sigh of relief. Where was my anger? I don’t know!
But the Doctor Sahab here was angry and I say, it's okay to be angry. :)

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