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moving Mary

im setting up my art studio which im hoping to "open" to the public

... so a funny story is that I made a small altar out of a window frame in my small garden and it has a Mary, Jesus, buddha, shiva and ofcourse my islamic symbols .... everyday when I come back home things are moved around!

the christian dude removed Mary from the lower shelf and put her on the top

the muslim dude put her down and placed Allah at the top

and the hindu dude didn't dare move anything but did ask if I could move the shiva somewhere else

and its only five days in the house ... and these "mystery" movers are really workers comming in to do this or that !

so seems we start to stir waters .. ofcourse I have to be VERY careful .. can get into a lot of trouble .. not many people get my obsession with symbology

so the whole thing of opening up my private sphere is exciting and makes me feel so very vulnerable

ah ja ... but thats the art oder?!?!

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