Finding beauty in not so beautiful spaces

Updated: Jun 2

To kick start our intervention with quarantined people we conducted a face-to-face intuitive art-making session at the EXPO Centre Isolation facility in Karachi. Using the concepts of "Jalal" (Majesty) and "Jamal" (Beauty) to inspire the art-making, we started off by drawing the outline of a razor wire fence that separated participants from the facilitator (as a metaphor for Jalal), and later put in colours to make it "beautiful". Finally, based on our drawings we wrote " a letter to god" and which were subsequently shared in the group. The drawings were spontaneous and colourful and participants were gifted with a sketch book and a set of markers to continue drawing whenever they felt.

"I feel really calm... it was a wonderful afternoon"

"Next time please let us draw whatever we want.. this was really fun"

#DIYhomedecor #perfectpots #ceramics #pottery #sculpting


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