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A love affair with my shoe

As the summer heat started in the city of Karachi so did a "pandemic". As frightening as its alien name something out of a novel that would spread it's claws for the unprepared but suspicious, unbelieving and somehow ignorant public who never thought it could happen to them. Amidst a lock down in the area of Korangi where I live my family we had a visit from a cousin and a dear friend Dr Habib who, as the days passed kept us busy with art. I had the chance to share what I had learnt from Habib to some ladies who were now also cooped up in their homes some without jobs now and others with a wave of frustration presiding over I decided to share one of the exercises I had learnt from the mental health app COPE-it - "love letter to your shoes"

They were more then eager to do something out of their daily routine and we got together keeping in mind "social distancing ".it was absolutely amazing and serene at how well these now domesticated house wives were able to express their emotions. And with that smile at the end...that was all I needed .one final task "as you return home share some of the things to your loved ones."I can only imagine the smile on their loved ones faces :).It some how baffles me as to how difficult it has become to express ones love and take things for granted. How we forget to appreciate the tiniest things in life which we cannot do without! Thank you Mary Poppins(habib) for coming this way. S. Hassan

To try out some of the art-prompts, you can download the app COPE-it from Google play-store here:

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